PRE - Inspection Check List


Being ready for the inspection can prevent unnecessary delays.

Having everything ready for the inspection can prevent unnecessary delays. For liability / injury / safety reasons home inspectors do not move personal belongings and light pilot lights of water heater, furnace, gas stove.

Most home inspectors will charge an additional fee if they must return to the property to inspect item which were not accessible.

To prevent any prolong inspections or revisits Castle Rock Inspection Services, Inc. has carefully prepared a pre-inspection checklist.



"Seller shall make the property available for all buyer investigations. Seller shall have water, gas, electricity and all operable pilot lights on for Buyer’s investigations and through the date possession is made available to Buyer.” (Excerpt from: Paragraph 9B of the California Association of Realtors® California Residential Purchase Agreement)


The seller should verify that:

* All utilities -Water , Gas, Electricity are on.
* Pilot lights are lit on furnace, water heater gas stoves (The gas provider will usually light pilots at no cost to the seller)
* Attic access is clear of clothing or stored items
* Crawl space entrances are not blocked or nailed in place
* Water heaters are accessible
* Furnaces are accessible
* Sinks, showers and bathtubs are clear of dishes or personal items
* Built-in appliances are free of stored items and can be operated
* Electrical panels are accessible and not locked (Electrical sub-panels inside the home are often painted and removing the cover will mar the finish. The seller’s agent should ask the seller to grant permission to the inspector to remove the panel cover to look for life/safety issues)
* Areas or items to be inspected are freely accessible
* Pets are secured (Unsecured animals should be removed from the property or secured in an area that will not need to be inspected if the seller (or occupant) will not be present)



Currently we as inspectors are experiencing a 96% rate of the utilities - Gas , Water, Electricity being OFF at the time of our inspection appointment. Buyers are now vocalizing their dissatisfaction at this event. Castle Rock Inspection Services, Inc. will always make a return trip to finish the inspection once the utilities are restored. However, please keep in mind that our fee for returning for the re-inspection is $ 395.00. We request that the $ 395.00 fee be paid by credit card prior to the re-inspection only; escrow billing of this fee has been fruitless.


For liability reasons, Home inspectors DO NOT turn on any utilities. That would include; water mains and house valves, main and sub electrical panels, and gas mains or light gas fixtures. Homes that are vacant for any length of time require an on-site utility professional to restore the house to working order for safety reasons.

Your may also encounter homes that have been WINTERIZED after being vacant for a period of time. This means that a pluming contractor has turned off all utilities, removed flexible gas lines and drained the water heater. In some cases, padlocks have been placed on utility access points that prevent vandalism.

Re-establishing utility service in some cases take up to 2 weeks.

Please make every effort to ensure that all utilities are turned on prior to scheduling a home inspection for the sake of all of us, especially your buyers.

If you require help in determining if a utility is active while you are on-site, don't hesitate to call us.




The inspection report is for the sole benefit and reliance of Client named in the original report and is NONTRANSFERABLE. The report is a summary of the inspection and all consultation between Inspector and Client and is issued subject to the terms, conditions and limitations under which the inspection was performed. The terms, conditions and limitations are a part of this report and are attached hereto and incorporated by reference herein. Inspector assumes no liability for third party interpretation or use of the report. THIRD PARTIES ARE ENCOURAGED TO OBTAIN A HOME INSPECTION FROM A QUALIFIED INSPECTOR OF THEIR CHOICE.



Some China manufactured drywall products brought in from (2003-2008) have known issues. If drywall was installed during this time period, there is no way of knowing where drywall was manufactured for the inspected home. Please visit: or

Recommend contacting builder to find out their sources of drywall during this time period.



Exterior Components such as Grounds, Driveway, Foundation, Plumbing, Heating / Air Condition systems Electrical, Sidings, Trim, Roof, Gutters, Driveway, Carport etc. may be part of the Home Owners Association and was not inspected. Interested parties should refer to the CC and R's to determine common areas. Client can refer to Page 5 Part III A 5 of the Standards of Practice of the California Real Estate Inspection Association effective July 1, 2006



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