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Prior to Infrared Thermography Veterinarians were only able to locate issues suffered by horses with traditional.

methods such as observation, palpitation and summation. Today use of IR technology allows for the identification of abnormalities before serious injury or damage sets in. Consider Infrared Thermography for the following:

- Pre-Purchase Evaluation

- Hoof Balancing Preventive

- Proactive MedicinePre-Event Analysis Inflammation

- Saddle Fit Nerve / Muscle Injuries

Why Use Equine Thermal Imaging?

- Non-invasive
- Safe, no radiation!
- Physiologic imaging

- Soft tissue / ligament issues
- Saddle-fitting
- Back pain
- Detect tendon and ligament injuries before clinical signs are present
- Bone problems - arthritis, fractures, stress
- Hoof balance, abscesses, laminitis, navicular
- Circulatory disturbances
And so much more!

Certified Infrared Inspections Stop guessing and start knowing!

Whether you are buying, selling or would like to perform a routine diagnostic of a horse, an Castle Rock Infrared infrared is valuable to your horse’s health and your finances.

"Is imaging a miniature horse, or a Dog, the same as imaging a horse?"
YES. The protocol remains the same, both for preparation, and also for the imaging. A standard series of images is obtained to allow for systematic comparison of patient symmetry. All reports are fully interpreted by licensed veterinarians skilled in thermography.

"Can thermography detect pregnancy? Colic? Navicular syndrome?"
Thermography does not penetrate the surface of the patient. That said we cannot see deeper structures unless they are creating enough inflammation to radiate to the surface structures. Internal organs and structures buried beneath deep muscles are not likely to present patterns visible at the surface to thermography. Thus, thermography cannot detect pregnancy any earlier than your veterinarian can palpate the live fetus. By that time most gross changes in the mare are visible.

Colics cannot be diagnosed generally. However, inflammation or fever associated with systemic disease may be determine with the camera, and wildlife veterinarians are using the cameras for population counts and to determine if fevers may be present.
Yes, changes with navicular syndrome such as acute inflammation, or reduced circulation, may be detected with the camera and raise suspicions of navicular changes, but anatomic imaging, such as radiographs, is required for a diagnosis.

"How long does it take to scan my horse?"
Scanning generally takes 15-30 minutes depending on the patient. This includes a full series of images including the hooves. - number of pictures depends on the paitent.

"What do I have to do to prepare my horse for a scan?"
A patient preparation form or specific instructions will be provided to you prior to your appointment. It is imperative that the instructions are followed for the best results. Any sun, wind, moisture, sweat, dirt, or topicals will destory the quality of the scan and render an incomplete interpretation.

"How long does it take to get the results?"
Generally it takes from 1-4 business days to complete and emailed to you to provide to your Veterinarian for interpretation and diagnose.

"Is it safe?"
There is no dangerous radiation involved in thermal scanning. The procedure is safe for the horse, handler, and imager.

I am not a veterinarian, I'm an Certified Infrared Thermal Imaging Thermographer.
When you go to the doctor and you have an x-ray taken, it must be further evaluated by a doctor of radiology.

Our services are intended to be used in conjunction with your Veterinarian or Farrier provider.

Infrared Thermal Imaging can survey for strained ligaments, Soft Tissue anommalies which will be interpreted by your Veterinarian

Infrared Thermography should not be used in place of other veterinarian diagnostic techniques. It is intended to enhance the evaluation of existing conditions and to identify what may
be making your horse feel off when other clinical techniques are not effective until the horse becomes substantially lame.


Feel free to contact me for further information on our services and pricing. There are so many possible applications, we cannot list them all. The cost of our services also differ
greatly between applications and circumstances. Most initial diagnostic surveys begin at about the cost of your horse being surveyed.



Certified Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspector CRT # 2014053104


* Certified Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspector CRT # 2014053104
* Build it Green - Certified Green Building Professional
* FHA Certified Compliant Inspector
* (ASHI) - American Society of Home Inspectors # 246753
* (ASHI) American Society of Home Inspection Endorsed Training
* Code Check California 2009 / 2010 Code Compliance Training
* NFPA 73 Residential Electrical Seminar for existing dwellings
* Graduate of ITA (Inspection Training Associates). ITA is the only California
Department of Education accredited inspection school.
* Inspection Training Associates - Commercial Inspection Course
* Pool Inspection Courses, Pool Construction and Code Compliance Experience.

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